Custom Fliers or “Sales Slicks” for your Folders


Custom design and layout of flyers or “slicks” for inside your presentation folder.

Get More and Save! Create a series of flyers with the same layout, each with different content. Example uses could be highlighting multiple different properties for sale, or creating one flyer for farms, one for hunting tracts and one for commercial, etc.

We will contact you before we begin, to get further information on what you would like to include on the fliers.

We will create a proof with your customizations in place for you to approve before the file goes to print.


The cost for printing 250 copies each of 2 different flyers is not the same as printing 500 copies of 1 flyer.

Example: To order 250 copies each of two flyers:

For Number of Flyer Designs: select Up to 3 Flyer Layouts
For Number of Flyers x Print Quantity:
Select 2(the number of different flyers to be printed) in the first box
and select “250” (quantity to print of each design) in the drop down selection.

 FREE SHIPPING! Shipping to your door is included.

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